We want everything “neerg” back. 

To arrive otherwise, to speak otherwise. It is where we started to construct our collective body in order to have it as inclusive as possible as diverse as we are allowed too and be critical towards our approaches for the sake of reaching the possible just alternatives. 

The knowledge production is exclusive, and it is also holding the interest of the ones who possess it. But we advocate for redistribution of resources and sharing the privilege that the institution has granted a few. But if the work of non-work, non-disciplinary,  non-art has been recognized...maybe we haven't arrived here to begin with. 

It seems that we have two ways before us; one to complicate and diversify the rigid notions which have been invented to serve the few and stretch their meaning to include all, or to abolish the current institutions and re-institute the otherwise, to occupy non- as an engine to imagine proactively.  

We share a process of learning together to go through challenges and create survival methods.

We are curious to create sort of methodologies, spaces and forms that are leading us toward a common future informed by all conditions. 

To arrive otherwise is suggesting a form of constructive deconstruction, building  another form, form the remnant of it, if it is possible and not necessarily choosing another path. Because we believe in repair rather than arriving on another planet, our imperative must internalize the axiom of all and acknowledge the debt we owe each other.