ZEFAK (Aria Farajnezhad, Elard Lukaczik, Zainab Haidary) as a collective body started its practice in a project space which is located on the ground floor in an old Bremer villa (Bismarckstrasse 106). Bismarckstrasse 106 (currently under the name of Circa106) is a project space which since the beginning of 2018 is hosting a diverse group of people, and during its life-span has allowed each one of these groups to assign different functionality and meaning to the place. ZEFAKs contribution was ranging from holding lectures outside the body of Hochschule für Künste Bremen to inviting individual artists for collaboration and organizing numerous group exhibitions from April 2018 till September 2018.  Occupying the living room was a challenge, happening from time to time, confusing and blurring the boundary between private and public space, requiring constant communication with the inhabitants of the house for the productive symbiosis to take place.

Currently ZEFAK is doing a one-year residency scholarship at künstlerhäuser Worpswede and committing itself fully on the idea of sharing resources and knowledge.

We are working on Future Archives, a project which tends to provide a discursive platform to discuss the possibility of emancipating the present from dominating future scenarios.